"One Journey, Τwo destinations"

24 - 29 JUNE

Embracing Greek Nature, Culture and Transform Yourself

Training Programme

Combining tourism with holidays, through personal development procedures achieved by expressive art, anyone can have the opportunity to come into contact with their primary basic needs, with the uniqueness of self, allowing sides and elements of themselves which seemed to be unknown land to emerge and fortify. In this spesialized programme we undertake the task to engage the participants into unforgettable, innovative holidays, based on their need for escaping, entertainment, personal development, knowledge and creativity. Our basic “vehicles” shall be:

  • The physical, historical and cultural environment on the island of Syros
  • The experience through the workshops
  • The Self-Awareness and Reconnection
In order for the participants to reach their dual destination: pleasure & evolution of Mind, Heart and Body. Syros is also recommended for the “sustainable touristic and cultural development” of Greece, 365 days a year.

Starting from the evaluation of the physical and cultural environment on the island of Syros, and taking into account that knowledge, experience and recreation amplify the competence of human creativity and self-fulfillment (that is a person’s tendency to become the possibilities they already possess), we created the programme “One Trip, Two Destinations!

6 Unique Days in the Island of Syros

Having experienced the benefit of personal development workshops with the use of different kinds of art (visuals, movement, music, moulding materials, drawing, painting) we were inspired to create workshops – groups which promote self-expression, emotional rehabilitation and communication. The participants will experience personal development though creative procedures, while at the same time they will enjoy quality vacation exploring various tourist destinations all over Greece.

The island of Syros is this year’s destination, as it is a place of endless culture, unexplored nature and Cycladic beauty. In combination with the use of different kinds of art, as a means for personal development, it can contribute to a unique experience regarding internal uplifting for people of all ages.

The beauty of the island and the personal creation of images through expressive arts is the key for us to start designing “from within”. As Peter London says “Art is the externalized map of our interior self”.

The workshops – groups, through the use of expressive arts, are based on the model of Expressive Psychotherapy through the combination of different artistic means (Intermodal Expressive Therapy). This is an approach where different art forms are used as a means of expressing oneself and as a means which will give a new meaning to one’s life and will reveal new horizons and experiences.

This is possible though the process of awareness of the works of art that someone creates, without the use of words. Therefore, emphasis is laid on our ability to express our feelings, comprehend and give meaning though movement, dance and gesture, as it would have happened even before we develop a verbal language. Expression through a combination of different artistic means used to be the norm a long time ago, in the beginning life, before verbal communication had evolved, when people used to communicate though bodily expressions, movements, phonetic and melodic patterns, gestures. Expressive Arts is the authentic preverbal language between a parent and an infant.

In Expressive Therapy workshops – groups, with the guidance of clinical psychologist and teacher with many years of experience, Dr Avi Goren Bar and his team, the participants will have the opportunity to express and create sides of themselves which have appeared to be unknown until now. They will be able to express themselves through art, without even being familiar with the techniques. During the process of artistic creation, they will be able to understand “how” artistic creation is linked to the technique, the style, the organizational level, the action and the sensory skills and their inner world, and that “what” is associated with the context, the conflicts, the drive, the fantasies, the history, the plot and the desires of the Ego.

         In 20 hours of experimental workshops, with the support and encouragement of Dr Avi Goren Bar, the participants will have the opportunity to:

  • Amplify, through expressive arts, their ability to be strong and flexible regarding unprecedented experiences
  • Easier recognize their subconscious choices
  • More functionally and effectively relate to others.

Through group collaboration and interaction, the right conditions and requirements will arise, in order for the participants to experience:

  • The benefit of the feeling of “belonging” in a community which provides support and the possibility to share your experiences with others.
  • Relief from every-day stress, new experiences and newfound feelings.
  • Mutual support among the members of the group.
  • Positive, useful interaction and mutual help.

The workshops will take place through the function of the group in an experimental way, during which, the participants will have the possibility to understand and find solutions and a new meaning to their issues through their experience, expression and recognition of emotions. The methodology of the workshops – groups will include an introductory speech by the instructor, artistic creation and expression, project analysis and experience sharing in small groups and in couples. The participants will work on artistic creation, collages, movement and music. The different forms of art will be used as a means of expression and inspiration. Therefore, the participants will either be able to create some form of art, or get inspired by a form of art in order for them to express their emotions and thoughts.

Analyzing and understanding the artistic works is possible using the symbols illustrated in a work of art and the meaning the creator renders to these symbols, with the help of the instructor. The relationship with the instructor and the other members of the group is the base and the tool to learning and recognizing their subconscious sides. Jung and Gestalt psychology theories, as well as Object Relations theories will be deployed in order for expressive means to be used to the benefit of the participants’ personal development.


Improvisation: The journey and Ithaca

1st Module

How useful is the capacity to improvise?

This unit’s rational is the concept that all our life is an improvisation. Since we have never lived before, nor shall we live again, since things that happen unexpectedly cannot be scheduled, the skill to be able to improvise with the material or the given facts that one has at any given moment, is a very important qualification in our life. Even regarding things we know, expect or are aware of, improvisation is important because every given moment is new and different. Therefore, even if it seems that we have lived a similar experience in the past, it will be a new experience once we have to deal with it again in the future. The Greek word for improvisation is Αυτοσχεδιάζω (αυτο/self-σχεδια/plans-ζω/live) and analyzing it shows a lot as to why improvisation is important for our lives and for every plan or goal we have for the future. It is our journey to Ithaca and it is up to us to be able to enjoy it and discover all that lays hidden, or to hurry the journey in order to reach our destination, ignoring the obstacles, the solutions and the benefits the journey has to give.

In this unit, the participants will contact the “heroic” part of themselves through endeavour, goal achievement and a fighting spirit. They will try improvisation through Arts and self-expression and they will experience the fulfilment of completing an artistic work and the riches the project can bring even before it is completed – Ithaca, having enjoyed the improvisation as a journey!

Myself and others: How do I relate to others?

2nd Module

We may have observed that some kinds of behaviour or some difficulties regarding our relations to other people tend to be repeated in different time frames with different people. We sometimes take on roles and attitudes which trouble or burden us.

         In this unit, the participants will have the opportunity to observe and better comprehend the way they relate to, cooperate and communicate with others. Which characteristics are the ones facilitating them and which are the ones making life difficult for them. How other people see us, how we think other people see us and how we would like for other people to see us. As members of a group working together towards the production of a joint project, we will explore our potential and we will be able to try new ways of interaction.

  • Be the creator of your Life through Action, Imagination, Inspiration, Dreams, Impulse and Magic
  • “Be the Change you want to see in the world”
  • What if visual creation, a movement or a melody got a voice, a face, a body…
  • Live, Love, Enjoy yourself, Laugh within the magic of Expression through Art


Daily Programme


07.30 – Departure from the port of Piraeus with our attendant.

11.00 – Arrival at the port of Syros. Immediate transportation to our hotel “Alkyon” by coach, where we are handed our room keys.

12.30 – Light lunch.

13.00 – 17.00 – Expressive Arts Workshop.

17.00 – 19.00 – Leisure time

19.00 – Departure for Ermoupolis.

20.30 – 22.00 Apollon Theatre where we are going to enjoy the last night of the annual Syros Tango Festival.

22.00 – Return to the hotel and dinner.


09.00 – Breakfast

10.00 – 14.00 – Expressive Arts Workshop

14.00 – Lunch

15.00 – 17.00 – Free time

17.00 – Departure for our excursion: Exploring Ermoupolis and Ano Syros.

21.30 – Dinner at a local tavern with local dishes (optionally 15 euro / person).

23.00 – Return to the hotel.


08.00 – Breakfast.

09.00 – 13.00 – Expressive Arts Workshop

13.30 – 15.30 – Bio-somatic Workshop of Self-knowledge and Reconnection

16.00 – Departure for the beach of Agathopon, the best organised beach in Syros, sandy with golden sand, crystal clear, with shallow waters, comfortable deck chairs, in a high level organised beach bar, with very good food, serving even … sushi. The waters are clear and the depth is ideal for children’s games, as much as you can take. The beach is famous for the unique lilies found in many spots on this dreamy Greek beach.

20.30 – Return to the hotel.

21.30 – Dinner.


08.00 – Breakfast.

09.00 – 13.00 – Expressive Arts Workshop

13.30 – 14.30 – Bio-somatic Workshop of Self-knowledge and Reconnection.

14.30 – Lunch.

15.30 – 17.30 – Free time.

17.30 – Departure for our excursion: The tour of the island of Syros.

23.30 – After dinner we head back to our hotel through the village of Vari and we end up in Megas Gialos, where our accommodation is.


08.00 – Breakfast.

09.00 – 13.00 – Expressive Arts Workshop

13.00 – Light lunch.

14.00 – Departure for our cruise with the traditional boat of Agios Nicholas. The cruise with Agios Nicholas, a traditional 85-year-old boat and a renovated fishing caique, with cabins and WC, a captain with many years of experience, a crew and a chambermaid for the visitor’s service, in a one-day trip, which includes appetizers (mezedes), salad, barbeque on board, fruit, drinks & refreshments, all you can eat & drink. It is a boat with specifications for a trip – cruise to deserted beaches, swimming, music and dance. Food and drink until we return at sunset… an unforgettable one-day trip! All you need is a bathing suit, a beach towel and … sun cream.

During this cruise, a bio-somatic workshop of Self-Knowledge and Reconnection is going to take place… a unique and special experience on board…!

21.00 – After dusk, we return to Foinikas, where our bus takes us back to our hotel.

22.00 – Dinner.


08.00 – 10.00 – Breakfast

11.00 – Departure by coach, baggage safe keeping and free time.

15.00 – We meet up at the port, at the baggage safe keeping area and there is immediate embarkation.

16.00 – Departure for the port of Piraeus.

Hotel Alkyon in Syros

Package Description

  • A person responsible to collect the boat tickets in Athens or Piraeus before departure.
  • An attendant – guide for the excursions
  • Economy free seating boat ticket Piraeus – Syros
  • Transportation from the port to the hotel at the arrival with baggage management
  • Accommodation at the hotel Alkyon, in a double room (single room upon request and special arrangement with the hosts of the programme: Katerina and Giota)
  • Daily breakfast
  • One lunch (or dinner) daily, depending on the programme
  • One extra meal at the day of arrival to Syros
  • Coffee and snacks during seminars
  • Usage of the room during the seminar
  • Transportation back and forth to the town
  • Transportation to a port in Syros for the cruise on a traditional boat
  • Transportation from the port of Syros to the hotel after the cruise on a traditional boat is completed
  • A cruise to the north beaches of the island on a traditional boat. Food, drinks & fruit included, all you can eat & drink
  • A tour of Ermoupoli & the medieval town of Ano Syros with an attendant – guide & a modern coach bus
  • A tour of the island with a modern coach bus and an attendant – guide
  • Transportation hotel – port during the departure with baggage management
  • Economy free seating boat ticket Syros – Piraeus
  • Services
  • The Expressive Arts Workshops take place in English by Professor Dr. Avi Goren, while there will also be simultaneous interpreting in Greek
  • The workshops will be supervised by the Professor’s assistants
  • Meals which are not mentioned in the package
  • Drinks during meals
  • Personal expenses
  • Transportation beyond what is specifically anticipated
  • Anything not mentioned above

All transportation takes place with a modern coach bus provided by our agency and realized for the entire group and not for some people separately.

  • 2 dinners outside the hotel € 15 &  € 20 meals
  • Upgrading the return boat ticket:
    • for aircraft type seats with numbered seat € 10 / person
    • for business class lounge €20 / person
  • Entrance fees:
    • Apollon Theatre € 2 / person
    • Vamvakaris Museum € 2 / person
    • Folklore Museum € 2 / person
Single Room
5 nights
  • Price includes:
  • Single Room
  • All classes in the full daily retreat programme
  • Accommodation
  • Three Greek Traditional meals per day
  • Unlimited water, herbal tea and bananas
  • Excursion and mentioned activities
Double Room
5 nights
  • Price includes:
  • Double Room
  • All classes in the full daily retreat programme
  • Accommodation
  • Three Greek Traditional meals per day
  • Unlimited water, herbal tea and bananas
  • Excursion and mentioned activities

*** All prices are per/person, taxed inclusive, and include a non-refundable deposit of 600 euros.
Final payments are due 25 days prior to departure. See full terms by Clicking Here ***

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