Our Facilitators

Avi Goren-Bar

Clinical Psychologist, Instructor
Avi is a psychologist and a lecturer at the University of Tel Aviv and an expressive healer. He has studied Psychology and Musicology; he has a post-graduate degree in Training Psychology and a doctorate in Clinical Psychology through Expressive Therapy. He specializes in therapy through Expressive Arts, he is a speaker in numerous conventions and he has been a Scientific Manager in a lot of therapeutic units.
  • He is member of the International Expressive Arts Therapy Association; IEATA
  • He is member of the European Gestalt Association
  • He is internationally registered as the MBTI Jungian assignment tool Instructor
  • He teaches Clinical Expressive Arts Therapy and Jungian coaching in Organizations and Companies in five countries: Tel Aviv (Israel), Athens (Greece), Istanbul (Turkey), Ljubljana (Slovenia) and Zagreb (Croatia).
  • Research Grants
Palestinian-Israel-Netherlands Research Program for Social Development (PIN) – A $50,000 grant for two years to apply doctoral model the “Creation Axis” as a diagnostic and therapeutic tool with learning – disabled pupils. Finally, he has published numerous studies and is considered an expert in his field.

Eleni Katsikaroni

Clinical Expressive Art Psychotherapist
Eleni is a Mental Health Consultant – Psychotherapist . She is trained in Clinical Expressive Psychotherapy through Art, in Body-focused Gestalt Therapy, as well as in alternative therapy techniques (Su Jok acupuncture, Bach Flower Remedies, Energy Psychology, Reiki, Pranic Healing). She is a motivational speaker for training seminars of Self-improvement and Self-therapy, as well as a coordinator of self-knowledge groups, parents’ encouragement groups and creative game groups for children and teenagers.

Marily Topouzoglou

Psychologist, Clinical Expressive Art Psychotherapist
Marily is a psychologist, she has studied Creative Industries and she is trained in Clinical Expressive Psychotherapy through Art. She is interested in the connection and the contact with our inner child. She places great importance to the messages our body and our subconscious send us through our dreams and symbols which are depicted in the work each one of us creates. She works with the Dramatherapy Institute Aion and Dr. Avi Goren Bar, supervising the trainees of the training programme of Clinical Expressive Psychotherapy.

Eleni Kourlesi

Clinical Expressive Art Psychotherapist
Eleni is a Social Worker, she has studied music and she is trained in Clinical Expressive Psychotherapy through the combination of different artistic means. She works with the Dramatherapy Institute Aion, teaching within the training programme of “Clinical Expressive Psychotherapy” of Dr. Avi Goren Bar. Moreover, she is trained in Cognitive Analytic Psychotherapy, she has attended a lot of Systemic Approach training seminars.

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