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About Us

In beautiful Greece, our team organizes training workshops – groups which deploy Expressive Arts through different artistic means (art, drama, music, dance movement, poetry, creative writing). This is an approach during which the different forms of art are used as a means of expression and as the means which will give a new meaning and open new horizons and experiences. Emphasis is laid on our capability to express our emotions, understand and give meaning withy movement, dance and our gesturing, as it happened even before we develop a verbal language. The expression through combining different artistic means exists from the beginning of life, even before the appearance of verbal communication, when people used to communicate with bodily expressions, movements, vocal and melodic patterns and gestures. Let’s not forget that Expressive Arts is the authentic pro-verbal language between a parent and an infant. We also refer to people who would like to embrace in their life self-knowledge, litotes, mediocrity, faith, morality, fantasy, the metaphysical, inspiration, creativity, the divine, simplicity, logic, but also the absurdity for the creation of material values and non, with systems of thoughts and experiences. Travel with us…!

Katerina Kilitziraki

Katerina Kilitziraki

Founder & Hostess of the events venue
Κaterina Kilitziraki is an Expressive Art Therapist, Jungian Coach, a Body Focused Gestalt Therapist, a Reiki Therapist. She has participated in seminars regarding Psychology, Self-Knowledge, and Metaphysics. She has a certification on the Entrepreneurship field, at the National and Kapodistrian University of Athens. Her motto has always been: “My passion to learn from the challenges of life = my motivation to be creative“. Trying to find the Truth in her life and of Planet Earth, she discovered that her greek concience is her passion to spread it to the ends of the world by travelling, experiencing and learning herself and others “from inside out”, define her principles and her values. Therefore, she decided to implement them in action and she founded the Greek Philosophy Experiences, inspired by the Greek history and Mythology, the Philosophy, the Arts and the morals and customs of the East and of the West.

Giota Tsoureki

Founder & Event Facilitator
Panagiota Tsoureki has worked for a number of years with established private businesses in various positions. During the last twenty years she is active in the field of trade. Her need for her personal but also her mental evolution, has lead her to tirelessly deal with and be trained in issues regarding self-knowledge and inner research. She constantly attends seminars of personal development, energetic and alternative therapy. Her basic interest was and will continue to be the respect to the uniqueness of every human, but also the magical journey of the soul’s needs, the appearance of illnesses and their treatment through alternative therapies. Her quest is constant and the flame of offering to the fellow human, still undimmed.

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