After your next journey, you will return having discovered your self!

Embracing our needs for holidays

Through tourism, the modern man covers one of his basic human needs which is all about the quest, curiosity, wandering, trying, getting to know and contact with new boundaries, geographical and cultural places and different ways of life. These needs, in combination with the modern everyday life, boost people’s tendency to escape from anxiety, boredom, routine, for a change of scene, entertainment and relaxation from the hectic pace of everyday life.

Arts (Experimental Approach)

The Arts are the basic human impulse able to be traced back to the depths of history. A picture, movement, sound, expression and creativity are the first experiences in life and accompany the human being during the journey of exploration.

Expressive Arts as a means of personal development (Transformation)

Using arts as a means of expression, we “learn” a new language with spontaneity, a playful mood, fantasy, motivation, originality, ingenuity, self-expression, deviant thinking and intuition as its basic elements. The language of expressive arts has its roots in non-verbal ways of expression the human develops before starting to speak, when communication takes place through sounds, movements and rhythmic patterns.

A combination of the above

Therefore, combining tourism with holidays, through personal development procedures achieved by Expressive Arts, anyone can have the opportunity to come into contact with their primary basic needs, with the uniqueness of self, allowing sides and elements of themselves, which seemed to be unknown, land to emerge and fortify.

Bio-somatic Workshop of Self-Awareness and Reconnection (Learning through the Body)

A sensitive man, through artistic practical methods, is able to evolve and be invigorated holistically, by learning how to listen and recognize their body language. Techniques guiding people to the interaction of the triptyque of Mind – Heart – Body, ameliorating the sense of wellbeing and fulfillment. A person’s consciousness is expanded through awareness, as well as their love for themselves, their autonomy, their discernment and their emotional intelligence. Living holistically means being able to recognize one’s uniqueness, as well as the uniqueness of every being. It means having peace between the mind, the heart and the body, it also means a total balance with nature’s wisdom. A holistic approach is the only thing that leads to natural peace. The only thing one should do regarding their self-healing is take a different path than the one which led them into losing their balance and strength.

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